Adopt a Future Scientist

“Young Scientists” Program exposes future scientists to the fascinating world of science and technology in a stimulating environment that arouses curiosity and the desire to learn. The future scientists participate in high level classes for 4 academic hours each week after school with peers from varied social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The program is based on Technoda’s belief that every child, no matter his personal circumstances, can develop, flourish and become an essential member of Israeli society.

The Afikim (Pathways) Program provides future scientists a supportive learning environment today and knowledge and skills for tomorrow.  Four days a week, directly after school, at-risk elementary school pupils receive a hot lunch and help with homework, after which they participate in a specially designed science program. Afikim is Technoda’s flagship social project and embodies the essence of education in science and technology as a way for those most in need to break out of the cycle of poverty and dependence. 

Adopt one or more future scientist in the Afikim Program at $2500 per year.

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