Metzuyanut (Excellence)  was developed by Technoda as a response to the fact that almost no children from Givat Olga pass the test for giftedness. Approximately 80 of the academically strongest students from the elementary schools in Givat Olga are selected for Metzuyanut, which is similar to the morning program for gifted children, but also includes a hot meal and more supportive environment. The children participate in prestigious activities once a week in different subjects, such as Technology (third grade), Chemistry (fourth grade), First Aid (fifth grade), and Astronomy (sixth grade). In addition, they set out on experiential field trips and participate in special events that enrich their inner world. 

Sponsors and children are encouraged to develop personal relationships through visits, emails and Skype. 

Click here to sponsor a child or class in the Metzuyanut program.

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