Afikim – A Home Away from Home

For over a decade, Technoda has operated the largest and most successful afterschool program in the City of Hadera. The Afikim (Pathways) program is an essential social service that caters to up to 250 children 1st-6th graders from Givat Olga, who come to Technoda each day after school.  The program meets their basic needs with a hot meal, and provides tools for a positive and promising future through tutoring and specially designed science and technology classes. Considerable time is spent developing values and increasing self esteem. The success of the Afikim program has been proven through he improved grades of the participants, both in relation to their peers not in the program and in relation to the level of knowledge and skills measured at the beginning and end of each year. 

Sponsors and children are encouraged to develop personal relationships through visits, emails and Skype. 

Click here to sponsor a child in the Afikim program.

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