Corporate Family Events

For a special corporate event for the families of your employees, why not spend a day at Technoda with scientific activities for parents and children?

A Trip Through The Solar System – Imagine if the earth was destroyed… Would there be another planet suitable for us? We will tour the planets and discover each planet’s properties, visit the planetarium (which will simulate the sky and space), or construct a personal spacecraft.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – A very sweet adventure! Birthday guests will investigate chocolate and explore its healthy properties.  Through nibbles and tastes, we will learn the difference between two types of melting and use Technoda’s award-winning recipe to make a chocolate treat. 

Science Fun – A wonderful and challenging activity that combines astounding demonstrations and experiments that everyone can do. This choice is a real celebration of materials, colors, explosions, and noise. We will learn what can and can’t be mixed together, and “play” with special materials such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Magic of Science – This activity consists of  “magical” phenomena that seem contrary to the laws of nature, but in the end have an accurate and realistic scientific explanation. We will learn how to figure out if something is just an illusion or not. Experiments include: Magic rising water, the stick which balances onits edge, and many more! 

Comets – Is there such a thing as a shooting star? Has anyone actually seen a shooting star? What are comets? What are they mad of? What is the direction of a comet? What happens when a comet reaches a star? All these questions will be answered and investigated, as participants each create their own shooting star.

Fire, Smoke and Explosions - A celebration of materials and colors are displayed in the reactions of explosions and noise. Amazing demonstrations, such as burning magnesium, vanishing nitrate-cellulose paper, a bubble snake, an erupting volcano and much, much more....

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