Harry Kay Observatory

Technoda’s stellar observatory, a gift of the Harry Kay Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Minneapolis, is one of the most sophisticated observatories accessible to the public in Israel. It is open to Technoda’s students throughout the week, and to the general  public in conjunction with lectures given by the observatory director and other leading figures of astronomy from Israel and abroad.   
The “star” of the observatory is a huge 16” telescope, with an advanced automatic system that recognizes and tracks tens of thousands of stars and celestial bodies. The observatory also houses five smaller telescopes, two of which are equipped with filters to allow observation of the sun and its solar eruptions. In addition, a special video camera can be attached to the main telescope to transmit real time pictures of the sun, moon, panets and other objects directly to the large screen in Technoda’s auditorium, and a very sophisticated CCD camera for astronomic  photography can be used for research purposes by university and high school students. 
The Harry Kay Observatory has enabled Technoda to begin developing an extensive astronomy education program for children and adults of all ages, including dozens of top high school students who are conducting advanced research for matriculation credit. 

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