Journey to Space- Hanukkah at Technoda

Hanukkah at Technoda Hadera
Journey to Space
A fascinating Astronomy event for the entire family

Young astronauts and their parents are invited to a research journey to the solar system planets. Visitors will enter special activity labs in which they will research the elements of the different planets: the Mars ice caps, Venus' sulfuric acid clouds, The powerful gravity of Jupiter and more... 
Every room is a planet, waiting for you to be discovered!

 A stunning space show -  Want to return to planet Earth? What if you can't?  what if Earth as we knoe it, no longer exists? In our show: "Tour in the Solar System" we will search for alternate livable planets. the show will include a fun interactive, audience involving quiz including experiment and live demos.
And there's more...
 A guided tour to the Planetarium for a breath taking simulation of the night skies! With the help of the stars we will navigate in mid-sea to help little Noga to find her way back home. An enjoyable and educational visit to the Planetarium.
Younger ages (4 and up) activity: The mystery of the night and day
does the sun truly set? The activity includes an interactive puppet theater and a scientific model building 

Your passports and airplane tickets are waiting for you!
Additional attractions:
The Science museum and park invite you and the entire family to an enjoyable and enriching activity. In the Park and Museum you can touch, experiment and understand dozens of fascinating scientific phenomena in a variety of activity and learning spaces: Energy compound, Sound and Voices exhibition, Mind games room, Dark room, Model ships and many more.
Join us for a fascinating Astronomy event, a Scientific Celebration for the entire family.
Hanukkah vacation 

 27-29/12/16    9:00-16:00
  • Child combined ticket for the Astronomy activity and the Museum and Park  - 80 NIS  
  • Child Museum and Park only ticket  - 48NIS 
  • Adult ticket – 48 NIS
  • Adult/Child Planetarium ticket – 25 NIS
  • Child " The mystery of the night and day" ticket – 25 NIS (Escorting adult does not need a ticket)  
It is recommended to purchase Planetarium tickets in advance due to limited space.
  • The activity is recommended for children over 5
  • Visit to the planetarium requires purchasing a separate ticket 
  • Easy and fastaccess from Road #2
  • Free Parking

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